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First I'd like to thank you for visiting Candy's Chic Closet Website. The web is filled with so many sites to venture on and you chose mine. THANK YOU!


Most say an about the CEO section should be listed so people can put a face to the business. Here goes. Hi, I am Candy the Creator of Candy's Chic Closet. This Closet was created because I absolutely adore accessories and I wanted to share with the world the chic men and women items I found to be accessory essentials. 


Last, I’d love to share with you a quote I overheard and love: "Accessories are the vitamins to fashion."


If you would like to chat more with me feel free to call/text, email or you can find me on Instagram. You are more than welcome to slide in my DM and be sure to follow us. Special deals & promotions are often promoted there. Click the Instagram link below.



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